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  1. Coronel Gimena

    Coronel Gimena

    23 小时 前

    This is awesome

  2. Bugatti Veyron

    Bugatti Veyron

    23 小时 前

    2021 hermitcraft castle

  3. Chicken gaming

    Chicken gaming

    23 小时 前

    Love ur builds

  4. somecasual


    23 小时 前


  5. Tanya Coates

    Tanya Coates

    23 小时 前

    Zeus, a phone,......

  6. JexAdox


    23 小时 前

    oh cuuuute the cat!

  7. EpicGhost29


    23 小时 前

    Scrap off the layer of ur armor or tools that was enchanted

  8. ꧁𝑨𝒍𝒊𝒆𝒏_𝑸𝒖𝒆𝒆𝒏꧂


    23 小时 前

    Another one: tell them that you two are going to be exploring the nether. Tell them that you will make the portal and actually make it. Then, tell them that they can go in first. They will probably go in. Once they do, instead of going in, destroy the portal. They have no obsidian, and no water to make it, unless they got it before they went in.. it will be funny to hear them struggle lol!

  9. Bugatti Veyron

    Bugatti Veyron

    天 前


  10. Ahmed Nasrullah

    Ahmed Nasrullah

    天 前

    great video :D

  11. Langdon Rosen

    Langdon Rosen

    天 前

    Make a map of the Boatam village!

  12. Professor Beak

    Professor Beak

    天 前

    9:35 Mumbo's last words: AAA-

  13. TheImmortalZombie


    天 前

    they just going back to evo smp

  14. _queer thing_

    _queer thing_

    天 前

    **sees categories Diversity, Stability, Livability, and Amusement** Me: Grian’s not gonna win this is he

  15. Onionboi2424


    天 前

    It’s name should be treeresa

  16. kayden newborn

    kayden newborn

    天 前

    For some reason this makes me think of Jurassic park

  17. Javier Estavillo

    Javier Estavillo

    天 前

    Grian: I have a plan My brain: …that you need to understand

  18. Tune2Kayleb


    天 前

    I think Grian should start on grinding for netherite so he can have a monopoly

  19. Fakez Clan

    Fakez Clan

    天 前

    Your a wizard plant

  20. Befka


    天 前

    It’s not a grian build without a face

  21. Qwasom


    天 前

    I had to watch this a second time to here him say “I am only Yoking”

  22. Gamer Trav

    Gamer Trav

    天 前

    Grian: "lets get some basic reosouces" Also Grian: *proceeds to get full prot 4 mending unbreaking 3 diamond armor*

  23. silly monkey

    silly monkey

    天 前

    I think you should watch skip the tutorial he has alot of good building hacks

  24. tyler hudako

    tyler hudako

    天 前

    mumbos base be lookin a little sussy

  25. Pesant


    天 前

    You really should’ve called it “ice ice savings”

  26. AUsans Discord

    AUsans Discord

    天 前

    I miss Hermitcraft Season 6, it had wars, Grian Getting Started on Survival, and even a gambling system operated by a persuasive man

  27. Taim Fallouh

    Taim Fallouh

    天 前

    Campfires are put under bee nests so they don't get angry at you when you get honey from them.

  28. dum


    天 前

    relize how grian said birbs

  29. Nah Bye

    Nah Bye

    天 前

    this reminds me of that one episode of my little pony

  30. Kellan


    天 前

    Idk if you're planning on doing this again but in season 7 you made a map of the bases around yours to show the progress throughout the season but, had wished you started it early on. so this is a little reminder to start it soon if you're going too :)

  31. JHD playz

    JHD playz

    天 前

    I feel like mumbo would restart the industrial revolution

  32. That Vernameta Guy

    That Vernameta Guy

    天 前

    nobody gonna talk about the perfect out of context clip “so we all said to each other that if you just spontaneously explode, I’m okay with that” at the end edit: its at 21:33 for anyone asking

  33. Jackson Becht

    Jackson Becht

    天 前

    You could say it's free real estate



    天 前

    1:33 be live 🤔🤔=🤫🤫 grian thinks “i was never here😮😮😮”

  35. Navraj Bhathal

    Navraj Bhathal

    天 前

    “My eyes are gone!” 22:46

  36. Lightning Lizard

    Lightning Lizard

    天 前

    "That should be enough leather to last the rest of the season" That's what he said about the 3 stacks of diamond blocks

  37. Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi

    Mayorfoxia82 Datnoobboi

    天 前

    0:01 man, those are some AMONGS in the background

  38. Frogmy Fairchild

    Frogmy Fairchild

    天 前

    When the oboe music comes in and you know it’s almost over…

  39. pog_phrog


    天 前

    How old is he? Because he looks like 20 and 40 at the same time

  40. Awesome guy 33

    Awesome guy 33

    天 前

    “Egg puns aside let’s get cracking” - Grian 2021

  41. Fyrestar


    天 前

    Who else likes pineapples?

  42. Alfonso Salvaggio

    Alfonso Salvaggio

    天 前

    Rich houses.

  43. LightningKE4


    天 前


  44. Daniel Bellach

    Daniel Bellach

    天 前

    A wise man once said, "the grain".

  45. Isaiah Hankins

    Isaiah Hankins

    天 前

    It would be great if you made the entrance a brick wall with a button that you have to push for the door to open as if you are pressing one of the bricks in

  46. Olivia White

    Olivia White

    天 前

    The Gorilla Glue Company AD 166 videos Building an INVINCIBLE FORT in BED WARS 5,606,215 views Grian 6.82M subscribers Comments • 4,449

  47. Olivia White

    Olivia White

    天 前

    Building a HUGE FORT in BEDWARS! 4,285,771 views Grian 6.82M subscribers Comments • 6,841

  48. Julia C

    Julia C

    天 前

    grian started as the poorest hermit, and ended as the richest hermit.

  49. Sanchit Consul

    Sanchit Consul

    天 前

    p u f f e r f i s h

  50. Joel Wong

    Joel Wong

    天 前

    Pétition to make diorite cave

  51. Gunnar Queen

    Gunnar Queen

    天 前

    Hey got a hermit crab and named it grain please heart

  52. Logan Rawson

    Logan Rawson

    天 前


  53. CHARLES Person

    CHARLES Person

    天 前

    How did they add fabric voice chat to 3rd life on forge?

  54. Yougot Ligma

    Yougot Ligma

    天 前

    He is breaking my brain

  55. Aquarilol


    天 前

    S6 grian: this is the best villager house i've ever seen! S7 Grian's Mega Base: Are you sure about that?

  56. Robert Lamb

    Robert Lamb

    天 前

    someone hasn't heard of the Great Smials of the Tooks.

  57. Mark Swan

    Mark Swan

    天 前

    Etho: !!! Impulse: oh no! Tango: ?!?! Scar: Hiu

  58. Linus Jensen

    Linus Jensen

    天 前

    Hi CNblock

  59. Solange Pinto Gòmez

    Solange Pinto Gòmez

    天 前

    an applause for Grain and Mumbo Jumbo For their amazing builds!!!!!!

  60. Delta_ 23

    Delta_ 23

    天 前

    If you would not have jumped you would have survived

  61. yokai0ni__


    天 前

    Why was the “uh oh, spuwgetios” so cute

  62. ungeschlaft


    天 前

    1:00 some quality Unknown P vibes

  63. Javier Estavillo

    Javier Estavillo

    天 前

    I the background, bdubs gives doc sleeping advice

  64. Icygamerboy1 1

    Icygamerboy1 1

    天 前

    Hold w to make minecarts go

  65. Z3R0_C0D3


    天 前

    Philza + tree = treeza

  66. Uli Schmidt

    Uli Schmidt

    天 前

    Grian should have used the lamp design for Tegg

  67. Evie Dodge

    Evie Dodge

    天 前

    Grian: making a satan spawn Me: hoping someone made a mirror

  68. Fearless_Weird


    天 前

    Sales on trains slogan NOWWWW!!!

  69. Panchum 727

    Panchum 727

    天 前


  70. Em' Win

    Em' Win

    天 前

    I sure do love Pinapple!

  71. xdCleetus


    天 前

    Better Yet You Could Place Powdered Snow So You Don’t Have To Wait And Unless They Are New And Have All Leather It’s Far Easier

    • Cobraismy_name


      天 前

      This is 2 years old

  72. el moffitto or el Rubio

    el moffitto or el Rubio

    天 前

    I love Caroline747 in the chat saying “hiiiiiii grain”

  73. Judd Hanna

    Judd Hanna

    天 前

    grain fight zombie

  74. Tanya Maxwell

    Tanya Maxwell

    天 前

    He said "Magic you say watch this" Gives me an add after he says that Me: "Shocked and saying hes a magician!"

  75. NuggieLord


    天 前

    when you see a guy with cats and actually loves them, you know they’re amazing

  76. ferrite fractal

    ferrite fractal

    天 前

    4:46 another egg pun

  77. Perodactyl


    天 前

    Here in murrica we call it, "figurative language."

  78. _queer thing_

    _queer thing_

    天 前

    Grian: This is like a theme park! Press all the buttons, magical stuff happens, there’s a *farm* Me: …what kind of theme parks are you going to??