Hermitcraft 7: Episode 71 - BACK TO THE MANSION!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 71 - BACK TO THE MANSION! Grian is back on hermitcraft working on the mansion and planning his next move!


  1. Grian


    2 个月 前

    You may notice the timelapse has a floating Grian - This is a by-product of "quick mode" on the replay mod (which is why the hair doesn't render either) I forgot to turn off this setting which is why it doesn't render in armour or the fact that im flying with elytra. There's no use of creative mode on Hermitcraft. Sorry if this caused some confusion!

    • Mister Quinster

      Mister Quinster

      10 天 前

      @Indra Wasistha it was a slime chunk, you don't find those often and when you do you gotta make use of em

    • Justuce Fisher

      Justuce Fisher

      10 天 前


    • Grace's adventure's!

      Grace's adventure's!

      13 天 前

      I didn't even notice that?

    • RossHQ


      18 天 前

      It's ok grian the video was still as good as any other AKA INCREDIBLE

    • Brandon


      24 天 前

      Seeing as you're finished with Hermitcraft, why not build a pixel art Grian face on the back of the mansion?

  2. Steve Timmis

    Steve Timmis

    5 天 前

    Update the jungle maps

  3. Rupraj Roy

    Rupraj Roy

    5 天 前

    13:08 the walking dead s01e01 legendary dialogue on the hospital door

  4. lucas galgo

    lucas galgo

    8 天 前

    Grian: The Mansion is symmetrical except for that one bit. Me: watabout the G?

  5. kitkats are good

    kitkats are good

    10 天 前

    I love how bdubs’s face is just a meme in hermitcraft

  6. Cédric Duchesne

    Cédric Duchesne

    12 天 前

    7:20 Why is it french? 😂

  7. The nobody._. animates

    The nobody._. animates

    14 天 前

    Can u get a discord

  8. Jayden King

    Jayden King

    14 天 前

    Only grian could make a 20 minute video about doing absolutely nothing

  9. Jan Smith

    Jan Smith

    15 天 前

    19:30 😂😂😂😂

  10. Shauna Purcell

    Shauna Purcell

    15 天 前

    Grian has been on that llama, FOR 30 MINUTES!! Hehe. Marvel anyone?

  11. Mr penguin

    Mr penguin

    16 天 前

    Me just caring about the 1 smooth stone missing from Karralis's base.

  12. CrystalSoul


    16 天 前

    Literally, the plane is on top of all the other objects

  13. Lazarus Dockett

    Lazarus Dockett

    18 天 前

    7:47 PIZZA?!

  14. Astrum Deorum

    Astrum Deorum

    24 天 前

    Nobody: Scar: So I took an entire airplane

  15. Youtube Crowns

    Youtube Crowns

    25 天 前

    Grian: This might even be the first mini game I have ever made in this season, apart from the turf wars. Me: Hmmmmmm, I wonder what you call tag 2 electric boogaloo.

  16. BlueTerror 22

    BlueTerror 22

    27 天 前

    Funny how everyone flocks to Grian's shenanigans just about

  17. Rey Rex

    Rey Rex

    29 天 前

    Never noticed until now how cool of a bloodborne map DLC grian’s mansion would be

  18. Student Rodrigo Chofre Esbec

    Student Rodrigo Chofre Esbec

    29 天 前

    Who else recognized the Don’t dead open inside From the first episode of the walking dead?

  19. MidnightOmega


    个月 前

    grian: "don't open dead inside. just like my soul" me: "hay me to!!!"

  20. LofaBread


    个月 前

    16:36 u didn’t put the blocks back correctly. ocd

  21. JTAG Crew

    JTAG Crew

    个月 前


  22. Rose M

    Rose M

    个月 前

    You should go on a spending spring with all those diamonds xD

  23. Sam Glenn

    Sam Glenn

    个月 前

    Give your slime to mumbo.

  24. Apple Sauce

    Apple Sauce

    个月 前


  25. Bisexual Genderfluid

    Bisexual Genderfluid

    个月 前

    It looks like a Disney castle

  26. Marek Rasner

    Marek Rasner

    个月 前

    Wait South Park is in the sewer

  27. Brandon Lapham

    Brandon Lapham

    个月 前

    Rip mansion when the season is over.

  28. Jiпciin


    个月 前

    i think grian being added to hermit craft was the best thing to happen to him he always sounds so happy doing hermitcraft

    • 💖salty_meows💖


      13 天 前

      He might be hiding depression

  29. sonia mckenzie

    sonia mckenzie

    个月 前

    are u sure scar isn't there to collect ur taxes (sorry ill stop talking)

  30. sonia mckenzie

    sonia mckenzie

    个月 前

    hello id like to talk to u about ur cars extended warrantee

  31. sonia mckenzie

    sonia mckenzie

    个月 前

    I'm happy u switched back I really missed the mansion

  32. Matthew Swensen

    Matthew Swensen

    个月 前

    I like how Grian just nonchalantly took zeds doors.

  33. Crystal Void-ic

    Crystal Void-ic

    个月 前


  34. Alek Baggerman

    Alek Baggerman

    个月 前


  35. 03 Krisna Kirana Kepakisan

    03 Krisna Kirana Kepakisan

    个月 前

    Is this enough to be considered "clickbait"?

  36. ArtoftheR


    个月 前

    Huh clickbait

  37. Countryologist


    个月 前

    He was only 'back to the mansion' for like 5 mins

  38. Christine Outridge

    Christine Outridge

    个月 前

    "I won the turf war" Grian is a self-appointed MVP

  39. Dingaan Reklaw

    Dingaan Reklaw

    个月 前

    The walking dead reference tho

  40. Super saucy panda CHICKEN

    Super saucy panda CHICKEN

    个月 前

    Start S8

  41. Higunner6


    个月 前

    Isn't the roof in the slime farm killing the drops?

  42. Nintendo Masters

    Nintendo Masters

    个月 前

    This episode is a shortie

  43. Oscar Heinicke

    Oscar Heinicke

    个月 前

    Ggrayuin I’m mad I t isn’t symmetricali can’t v toipe

  44. Christiaan Vermeulen

    Christiaan Vermeulen

    个月 前

    whenever grian uses the word "goodies" it just makes the item 10 000 times better

  45. ItsUnpug


    个月 前

    “Over here, we make our own fun” -Grian

  46. ItsUnpug


    个月 前


  47. Lucifer Rivera

    Lucifer Rivera

    个月 前

    I’m laughing so hard- the moment when scar was afk- XDDD

  48. H Feltmann

    H Feltmann

    个月 前

    U think that’s a mansion that’s like a village

  49. John B

    John B

    个月 前

    15:15 moments recorded before disaster

  50. Nini


    个月 前

    Schools finally done for me so time to get back to catching up on all the hermitcraft videos I’ve missed for the past 2-3 months... it’s like trying to catch up on one piece, but better.

  51. Rane


    个月 前

    So rare for it to be night time on the server

  52. Ryan Feng

    Ryan Feng

    个月 前

    How to join hermitcraft

  53. MR. Dramatic

    MR. Dramatic

    个月 前

    The slime farm roof is bassicaly go away green so it blends in pretty nicely

  54. Camix


    个月 前

    The fact that scar said the fact that he took plane so causally I can’t-

  55. Mahone Family Vlogs

    Mahone Family Vlogs

    个月 前

    The sewer cats started as a social experiment. It’s gonna end in a civil war. Grian in a nutshell

  56. Zhaith


    个月 前

    When you are french and you can read the most expensive rotten flesh name x)

  57. TaterKing423


    个月 前

    4:46 you didnt have to point that out, but now I just cant stop seeing it

  58. Illusionary Gull38

    Illusionary Gull38

    个月 前

    The un-simatury of the slime farm literally hurts my soul. :/

  59. Varun Gupta

    Varun Gupta

    个月 前

    Can't wait to see another secret base game

  60. Meekaaeel Bin Yoonus

    Meekaaeel Bin Yoonus

    个月 前

    19:30 casually steals door

  61. TheeHasFallen


    个月 前

    Is everyone just going to forget the nether base and all the stuff that was going to happen.The sewer thing is so boring.

  62. Shadow WSK

    Shadow WSK

    个月 前

    The scar hair cut scene is the funniest thing ever

  63. thebeatmuse


    个月 前

    Grian instead of opening the door at zedaphs base, takes it and walks away.

  64. Victoria Goswick

    Victoria Goswick

    个月 前

    19:34 lol

  65. Desmond Kauffman-O'Hehir

    Desmond Kauffman-O'Hehir

    个月 前

    Grian seems to have completely forgotten about playing more decked out

  66. TJ Taco

    TJ Taco

    个月 前

    Grian just dipped

  67. ashton committed arson but in a sexy way

    ashton committed arson but in a sexy way

    个月 前

    I like binging these videos lol

  68. Lauren H Jenquin

    Lauren H Jenquin

    个月 前

    I hope you got your Diamonds back

  69. Lauren H Jenquin

    Lauren H Jenquin

    个月 前

    Did you ever find out who put that Nether portal back on that tree at all??? & will you ever take ot down again???

  70. Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    Forsaken Zhalo Supercell isn't a toy

    个月 前

    "I've been on this Lama, for 30 minutes!!"

  71. Brent Gee

    Brent Gee

    个月 前

    Greenery, more like GRIANERY.

  72. Kick A Boot N/A

    Kick A Boot N/A

    个月 前


  73. OfficialLaCuentaJoe


    个月 前

    I forgot to say this when you and Zeldaff swapped but the mama chicken thing is correct their out on a walk and the they fall in a river and drown

  74. PanceKingKocev z

    PanceKingKocev z

    个月 前

    havent watched since episode 11 and the only thing is watching for is the mansion and its still not finished 65 episodes later?

  75. Captain


    个月 前

    Grian: talking about Zeds base Also Grian: casually takes door as he walks through

  76. Kylie Nielsen

    Kylie Nielsen

    个月 前

    As he pushed scar in the barbershop I got a commercial for a barbershop.

  77. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog

    个月 前

    Make a shop that sells doors at the end of the season Repeat this comment

  78. Hot Dog

    Hot Dog

    个月 前

    Make a shop that sells doors at the end of the season Repeat this comment

  79. Osyan White

    Osyan White

    个月 前

    your diamonds nooooo

  80. Mike the Goo

    Mike the Goo

    个月 前

    Why do i feel they are gonna end up stealing... "DE MOON!!!"

  81. Daniel Adam

    Daniel Adam

    个月 前

    The title was telling us that he is going to build the back of the mansion but he did not . Instead he was doing the front of the mansion ? DOUBLE BAAMBOOZLE ??????!!!!

  82. •Crystal Zai•

    •Crystal Zai•

    个月 前

    18:30 Diamonds growing on trees

  83. Supanida zyntek

    Supanida zyntek

    个月 前

    when he found the hopes and dreams in the sewer i was humming hopes and dreams from undertale

  84. Varoon Patel

    Varoon Patel

    个月 前

    I swear I’ve been gone for like a year and a half and he still hasn’t finished this Mansion😂

  85. X Legend

    X Legend

    个月 前

    4:49 anyone wants to take a screenshot to impress anyone who doesn't watch hermitcraft??

  86. Nexility


    个月 前

    Scar steals a FREAKING PLANE not clickbait

  87. Thenethermob13


    2 个月 前

    I like the fact that you are nice to MONSTERS like skelebro and enderbro.

  88. Mark Julian M. Deterala

    Mark Julian M. Deterala

    2 个月 前

    Grian: the- *takes iron door*

  89. Vash Hooper

    Vash Hooper

    2 个月 前

    Can I join the hermet craft server because I have been dreaming about it for my whole life

    • Satan


      2 个月 前

      But I am Satan

    • Satan


      2 个月 前

      Sorry to bust your bubble

    • Satan


      2 个月 前

      Well actually you have to have more than 10 K subs to join and very very few people get to go there so your dreams are a waste of time and you should never have hope.

  90. Hannah Meyer-Scott

    Hannah Meyer-Scott

    2 个月 前

    Grian: breaks door me: 0_0

  91. TheAngryKarken


    2 个月 前

    Stopped watching after a while and asked myself (Whats Grian doing) and saw this and wantef to catch up on hermitcarft. Great work!!! (also can i get a job at the barge.)

    • Satan


      2 个月 前

      No Moron

  92. CookieBeast88


    2 个月 前

    Did you ever think about turning all those slimeballs into sticky pistons and selling them at the barge for a better price than other people might be selling them for?

  93. CloudHead Gaming

    CloudHead Gaming

    2 个月 前

    I honestly could not tell Grains mansion was unsymmetrical until he mentioned it. Now I cant stare at anything else

  94. Isabelle Viles

    Isabelle Viles

    2 个月 前

    Maby you need to make you skin on the back "not finished"

  95. Jay and Ryan Crazies

    Jay and Ryan Crazies

    2 个月 前

    Can you play stardew valley and make a series please

  96. That Girl

    That Girl

    2 个月 前

    4:38 made my eyes pain

  97. Five Five

    Five Five

    2 个月 前

    if you find a floating iron pyramid in a hermitcraft map there is another one

  98. wisecup


    2 个月 前

    Proximity chat is awesome

  99. WraithJunior


    2 个月 前

    why do i hate the fact, Grian didnt regognize the walking dead reference?

  100. thomas utd

    thomas utd

    2 个月 前