Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR!

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 61 - HERMITCRAFT WORLD TOUR! Grian takes a tour of the hermitcraft minecraft server to appreciate everything that has been built this year and to see what everyone has been up to. Grian is on a holiday break at the moment, regular videos will start up again in the new year! Enjoy your holiday season all!


  1. ShadowyMigchamp


    13 小时 前

    The house has been slightly neglected the house: 2:08

  2. Weird Meme Obsession

    Weird Meme Obsession

    天 前

    Wow Bdubs castle has a back

  3. Finito Ackermann

    Finito Ackermann

    4 天 前

    Grian- now we are next to 2 of our favorite redstoners! Mumbo- 😢

  4. lukq


    4 天 前


  5. Philip Palmer

    Philip Palmer

    6 天 前

    The oval sack exemplarily stir because expert gratifyingly suit until a omniscient calculus. disgusting, dysfunctional comfort

  6. max


    6 天 前

    mega just means BIG, and not just big, MEGA

  7. Jay’s Bricks

    Jay’s Bricks

    7 天 前

    This world is amazing

  8. VividDraggon 752

    VividDraggon 752

    7 天 前

    Grian: Hermit challenges to the back burner me: WHAT ABOUT TAG 2 ELECTRIC BUGALOO

  9. It’s me Tay com dude

    It’s me Tay com dude

    8 天 前

    The giant golf ball is a real life buildind in Sydney Australia

  10. Hahahah Sjbxnxj

    Hahahah Sjbxnxj

    10 天 前

    32:04 hermitcraft is officially over 100 years

  11. Psychotics.


    12 天 前

    war is always my favorite thing to watch

  12. TheOriginalCows


    12 天 前

    Did he delete the top 10 bases video?

  13. Vince Jose

    Vince Jose

    14 天 前

    Mumbo looking up to grian gives me chills

  14. B_ freezze

    B_ freezze

    14 天 前

    Who is here after grian ended the season? Looking forward to S8!

  15. Zoom zoom Kaboom

    Zoom zoom Kaboom

    15 天 前

    11:40 grian dies cause he loves the build.

  16. Mary Schofield

    Mary Schofield

    15 天 前

    grian: our two favorite redstoners me: MUMBO!! Mumbo: ME!!! Grian: iskal and tango Mumbo and me: sad mumbo mustache and redstone noises

  17. Mike Howard

    Mike Howard

    15 天 前

    Does anybody remember grian taking random people's doors?

  18. Blue DudeBA

    Blue DudeBA

    15 天 前


  19. Taydem Elbert

    Taydem Elbert

    15 天 前

    Remember buying that plot in mumbos shop early in the series? Go cash in on that

  20. Elliott Brown

    Elliott Brown

    16 天 前

    Anyone notice is says 61 but it’s there’s already been a 62

  21. SkippyCat


    18 天 前

    Grian didn't even see cub's wall of ancient debris

  22. Gin


    18 天 前

    "It's got no functional purpose, it just looks amazing" Me: Side eyeing the mansion

  23. Ducky


    19 天 前

    Grian: when i HAD to steal doors Me: HAD

  24. I is Green

    I is Green

    19 天 前

    Berries are fast growing, good defense, and can be used to make the best mob in the game not hate you. They also look amazing.



    19 天 前

    Hate to tell ya but mojang officially stayed the nether is not below the over world but another demention

  26. Callie Welch

    Callie Welch

    20 天 前

    I want to see grumble find out mumbo for mayor was was a lie and take over the universe

  27. sanjali Nemmaniwar

    sanjali Nemmaniwar

    20 天 前

    I think that mumbo's base is better than grians it's the opposite of what I expected

  28. PoGeLaGe


    21 天 前

    This is art

  29. Eli Johns

    Eli Johns

    21 天 前

    I showed my sister a picture of the mansion and she said that Grian probably didn’t build it all in survival. Lol 😂

  30. Tyler Britt

    Tyler Britt

    22 天 前

    Wish I could build like that

  31. Dr Patasma

    Dr Patasma

    24 天 前

    Nice vid

  32. skotinoulis


    25 天 前

    Bdubs' castle roof will look great with 1.17 copper blocks.

  33. skotinoulis


    25 天 前

    The top 10 video disappeared.

  34. CharlyTries


    25 天 前

    *angelic choir* hermitcraft season 10

  35. Campbell Tansley

    Campbell Tansley

    27 天 前

    32:20 wow G you're such a punny guy

  36. Pandurial


    27 天 前

    X's base is like subnautica but not in the water XD

  37. Dana Daniela

    Dana Daniela

    28 天 前

    Jesus loves You!!

  38. TheBestest_Tayter


    28 天 前

    10 months? 10 MONTHS?! man where did my life go i remember watching the first episode when it came out ;^;

  39. KittycatThelilDevil


    28 天 前

    Him visiting Grumbot was the best part ;3



    28 天 前

    could you do some more build school?

  41. Kelly Hudson

    Kelly Hudson

    29 天 前

    karaleses city is the best builder ever

  42. Slasher


    29 天 前


  43. Starry Duster

    Starry Duster

    个月 前

    13:40 around the time Grian is explaining how he didn't watch other hermit's videos to avoid spoilers and stuff, imagine if inbetween seasons hermits would spend the time watching each other's videos, and that's why there's the wait because they're taking the time to enjoy everything everyone else has made...



    个月 前

    who knows what ep. of mumbos hermit craft series where he saw the carrots?

  45. RyanCier 2

    RyanCier 2

    个月 前

    me tuning into my first episode of hermit craft: Grian: *M E G A*

  46. Jared Scoots

    Jared Scoots

    个月 前

    4:25 that reminds me of Stranger Things...

  47. Andrew


    个月 前

    XBs new place is 3 fox hole out yonder. Cyberpunk town build, you should check it out

  48. アヘ顔


    个月 前

    Hermitcraft season 7 has some of the best builds i have ever seen in Minecraft

  49. Varshith Peddi

    Varshith Peddi

    个月 前

    Imagine what they could do in creative mode.

  50. skotinoulis


    个月 前

    "This city goes on for miles" now you feel it even more, because you can't see the whole city because of render distance.

  51. Crafter5


    个月 前

    Grian: In fact, there is only one more persons base. Also grian, Now we need to find xB's and beef"s base

  52. Eric Roberts

    Eric Roberts

    个月 前

    Who do u house think has the best base

  53. Julian Lund

    Julian Lund

    个月 前

    Stressmonsters base?



    个月 前

    Let's just everyone build a big big city dude😎😎

  55. Eleanor Nicodemus

    Eleanor Nicodemus

    个月 前

    more arrows in bam boo

  56. Roger Ducrin

    Roger Ducrin

    个月 前

    when he looked under B-Dubs's house my jaw dropped

  57. Occatus


    个月 前

    Seeing all these bases feels like I’m looking inside the builders’ brains, and it kind of terrifies me.

  58. Talha Majid Khan/SICAS Boys

    Talha Majid Khan/SICAS Boys

    个月 前

    iskall: destroying trees to make trees

  59. Anh Phạm Minh

    Anh Phạm Minh

    个月 前

    Hermitcraft: Kalm Dream SMP: P A N I C

  60. Candela Wyers

    Candela Wyers

    个月 前

    Bdubs castle be like: waxed lightly weathered cut copper stairs

  61. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

    个月 前

    44:53 🤣🤣 That's my favourite part of the whole video 👌

  62. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

    个月 前

    28:00 "So you may know more than me" Me,who ONLY watches grian: Nope, absolutely not.

  63. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

    个月 前

    I'm proud of grian,he took time to tell about everything,while I would just stare at things and say "Soo,uhm... Yeah- this was made by... Yeah,very cool build and uhm.." 🤣👌 And also my attention span is 5 seconds; "Here you can see scars village where he has a very nice and effective farm and OHHH a villager with a dragon head? Does it talk when he moves,like with players? OH! REMEMBER DRAGON BROS?! Oh,I really want to put a dragon head on someone again,wait... How do I get zombie heads again? WAIT... WHAT IF I TOOK AN INVISIBILITY POTION AND WORE A MOB HEAD AND HAD SOMEONE ELSE TALK IN CHAT WHILE I'M PRANKING SOMEONE SO THEY THINK THE INVISIBLE MEBIS THE PERSON IN CHAT BUT IT'S ME AND- UHUHUUU now I gotta find a victim... Oh what where we doing? Ah.... a TOUR"

  64. Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    Multi - Dimensional Gaming

    个月 前

    Hermits: builds mega bases Me in a server: ladders are faster than water elevators. I cant use that much time building it.

  65. Not me

    Not me

    个月 前

    Grian: "Hey, where is your..." BDubs: "Just end me"



    个月 前

    A diamond store

  67. Derek G

    Derek G

    个月 前

    He forgot chef :(

    • Kelpy Kelp

      Kelpy Kelp

      19 天 前

      He’s sort of in the background and not really someone who takes full part in the server

  68. Pea Nut

    Pea Nut

    个月 前

    7:14 thats not a rainbow thats ethos farts

  69. Baldingling


    个月 前


  70. LucktheDuck


    个月 前

    NOOOO! You forgot to close Bdubs door! I can´t get it off my mind... ...or you could have taken it.

  71. Chris Elms

    Chris Elms

    个月 前

    36557 Minecraft days

  72. The I Bolts Official

    The I Bolts Official

    个月 前

    Would like to see the mansion progress

  73. Wilfred77 Okoro

    Wilfred77 Okoro

    个月 前

    Grian:bdubs base is alive Mumbo:my base has a giant heart

  74. Ciaran Liddy

    Ciaran Liddy

    个月 前

    This is my first time watching him

  75. FE LD

    FE LD

    个月 前

    52:07 yo what Block is that?

    • LeevanVree


      个月 前

      A black banner my friend

  76. cherry peppers

    cherry peppers

    个月 前


  77. Alio Man

    Alio Man

    个月 前

    The real mycelium was the friends we made along the way

  78. Gamer mike

    Gamer mike

    个月 前

    Over half way Am sad

    • Derek G

      Derek G

      个月 前

      This was months ago, lol. It’s a lot more than half now.

  79. Ronan


    个月 前

    THE DOOR!!!

  80. ItzMrTNT_YT


    个月 前

    what a good server man Hermitcraft is creative builds keep up the good work and what a good server

  81. Yiggles


    个月 前

    You missed Tin foil chef

  82. le mad boi

    le mad boi

    个月 前

    Dis man doesn't know you only either feed foxes berrys or eat them yourself

  83. Dana Sun

    Dana Sun

    个月 前


  84. Legendairy !

    Legendairy !

    个月 前

    i sat down and watched this whole thing and didnt realize i just watched grian for an hour straight this video was beatifully engaging for my adhd brain

    • Grace Johnson

      Grace Johnson

      27 天 前

      Dude same

  85. Christiaan Vermeulen

    Christiaan Vermeulen

    个月 前

    grian: *opens door of bdubs castle * me: STEAL THE DOOR

  86. Edward Frivaldo

    Edward Frivaldo

    个月 前

    Love leter for mumbo hahahahahahahahaha

  87. Conor McGinley

    Conor McGinley

    个月 前

    14:55 is sus

  88. BubbleNuggets


    个月 前

    A film district!

  89. Willem Zeevat

    Willem Zeevat

    个月 前

    This helps me so much cuz I took a break since the turf war finals

  90. maaos hussain

    maaos hussain

    个月 前


  91. maaos hussain

    maaos hussain

    个月 前


  92. Rüpayan Biswas

    Rüpayan Biswas

    个月 前

    I'm sad that you didn't check out TFC's base. Give the old man the attention and respect he deserve. 🥺🥺🥺🥺❤️

  93. skyler animated

    skyler animated

    个月 前

    I really need to get back on this. I stopped at this episode and there's like 10 new episodes

  94. Brendan R

    Brendan R

    个月 前

    what about tfc?

  95. Ayza Shaikh

    Ayza Shaikh

    个月 前

    Grian: What do we do with berries Me: WhAt Is YoUr LoGiC >:(

  96. Ayza Shaikh

    Ayza Shaikh

    个月 前

    Dog base is like my kind of thing XD

  97. Reed Oxenreider

    Reed Oxenreider

    个月 前

    Imagine Bdubs base with copper blocks

  98. Harry Skvoz

    Harry Skvoz

    个月 前

    8:59 he has two planets, tatooine and mustafar

  99. Tempest


    个月 前

    Me proud of my build when o watch this i got discourage

  100. Tempest


    个月 前

    Me proud of my build when o watch this i got discourage