Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co.

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 73 - C.E.O of BARGE Co. Grian is back on the hermitcraft server with a new diamond making idea!

Noteblock intro by ZL: cnblock.info/face/voGig51-hYGanGQ/sh-p-n.html


  1. Killua Zoldyck

    Killua Zoldyck

    2 小时 前

    When ur so rich u just use diamond blocks for beacon

  2. Isaac Granata

    Isaac Granata

    12 小时 前

    or we could do one where its a killer

  3. John Smith

    John Smith

    22 小时 前

    Grian: creates explosive catapult to launch people to the top. Me: Just create an elevator!!

  4. Sabrina Cooper

    Sabrina Cooper

    2 天 前


  5. Dimond Dragons Games

    Dimond Dragons Games

    3 天 前

    The tunnel themes should be based of different bases

  6. Lee Minho

    Lee Minho

    5 天 前

    that make a wish segment was so wholesome

  7. R4ijin Gaming Official

    R4ijin Gaming Official

    9 天 前

    I just guess that grian will say: Wait a minute, Im rich

  8. ActallySatisfyingContent


    10 天 前

    At the end of the season, you should make a shop that sells everyone’s doors. BTW, I'm writing this on every single video he's making from now, so go find them so Grian can see!!!

  9. Jorn Troost

    Jorn Troost

    10 天 前

    U rly missed the oppertuniti to name it the grain train

  10. Harrison


    12 天 前

    2:00 And I'm ready to get myself back on the building spree for the- wHerE iS mY bdUBs fACe?

  11. The nobody._. animates

    The nobody._. animates

    14 天 前


    • MOEUK55


      7 天 前

      He plays minecraft for 10 years

  12. Megan Brooks

    Megan Brooks

    14 天 前

    Literally ALL I have and WANT to say! 6:05 Enjoy on loop buddies. :D

  13. Jan Smith

    Jan Smith

    14 天 前

    Wait...... Grian is a real human being?!?!?!

  14. Hawaiian FruitPunch

    Hawaiian FruitPunch

    14 天 前

    11:06 Americans: visible confusion

  15. Noortje Coolegem

    Noortje Coolegem

    14 天 前

    Can you do someting with marvel ass a theme for the roaler coster?

  16. MannyBot -DEAF-

    MannyBot -DEAF-

    15 天 前

    Awe I'm so glad BarryBoss1234_YT is now a permanent fixture of the Hermitcraft season 7 legacy! :3 Thanks for showing this G, I'll definitely be subscribing to him as well ;) On another note, these maps are so cool! It would be actually be really awesome to see some maps of the Hermitcraft season 8 server from the start of season, until it's eventual end! :D

  17. sanzboy YT

    sanzboy YT

    15 天 前

    Grians minecraft character: depressed grian:wait... *IM RICH* Why does the IM RICH! part feel like when your mom says "i gave birth to you" when you win an argument

  18. The Fearless Editor

    The Fearless Editor

    15 天 前

    Why am I able to edit the video

  19. Bianca Odom

    Bianca Odom

    15 天 前

    the barge remindes me of Sahara

  20. PinkyNdTheBrainLover


    16 天 前

    I feel like the small office should go to Impulse, for the impulse buys. also, how the heck have I watched the entire series... when did I even start... I feel like it was just yesterday when it said '7 months ago'... I need a life... but also, no I don't, I love this series.

  21. Chadbroskiplays


    16 天 前

    Well this looks very loud -Grain 2021

  22. Seth Trimble

    Seth Trimble

    16 天 前

    The music disc was awesome

  23. Shubham Sarkar

    Shubham Sarkar

    17 天 前

    If Ryan Bergara was watching 4:59... So, The Mystery of the Missing B-Dubs Head Remains.... Unsolved.

    • Shubham Sarkar

      Shubham Sarkar

      17 天 前

      Yea.. Damn Rite

  24. Dragonz


    19 天 前

    Grian: ... cuz I know we’re goin up Screen fades to white and music starts playing.... Me:the timing of that car ad was perfect :0

  25. Killian O'Brien

    Killian O'Brien

    19 天 前

    So this is where the meme comes from

  26. Nestoons


    19 天 前

    I love the note block music

  27. Radiant Bluewolf

    Radiant Bluewolf

    20 天 前

    Theme idea:you could make different areas based on what you sell

  28. infinityproductions


    21 天 前

    The launcher: Misses twice, kills Scar Grian: so the launcher is really really clean

  29. Vizinte


    21 天 前


  30. Tristan Cabanier

    Tristan Cabanier

    23 天 前

    the turf war idea for HCBBS

  31. Yharon


    23 天 前

    To them could be something to do with the states of hermit craft. Like where the first part is in construction. Then it's the mini-games and so on until you reach the last stage.

  32. Ruby Birchall

    Ruby Birchall

    24 天 前

    They all keep trying to scare each other, when more people were scared with that disc during the mumbo jumbo campaign that grian would prank people with; just make a creepy disc

  33. MEB 1997

    MEB 1997

    24 天 前

    I hope Barryboss1234 recovers from whatever qualified them for Make-A-Wish.

  34. zpokemanmaster


    25 天 前


  35. Alpha • Arches

    Alpha • Arches

    26 天 前

    The way he says “H” is amazing... Haech

  36. Ethan MH

    Ethan MH

    28 天 前

    5:51 the mandalorian is finally with baby yoda

  37. MTGZone


    29 天 前

    It would be kinda cool to put make-a-wish out of business

  38. daria molnar

    daria molnar

    个月 前

    mad hater would be cool

  39. G30 08Lichy

    G30 08Lichy

    个月 前

    Ik that I’m late but I wish that grian could see this: you can put a Shulker box filled with black items but put 1 or 2 netherite things that blend in, but if someone is lucky, they would pick one up. You could also do this for diamonds and stuff :)

  40. MN I

    MN I

    个月 前

    How come he calls it blue when it's green? Or am I just colour blind :/

  41. Azam Moughal

    Azam Moughal

    个月 前


  42. smores poptartz

    smores poptartz

    个月 前

    I feel as tho the season is ending soon and I don't know how to feel ( I said this because grians last season was 100 episodes)

  43. Josh Haueter

    Josh Haueter

    个月 前

    The themes could be different events that have happened on the server. For example, there could be a mycelium resistance section and a sewer section

  44. Ptowza Potato

    Ptowza Potato

    个月 前

    You've probably already made it, but since it's called hcbbs it would be cool to have each section be like a mini version of each hermits base

  45. BrotherImagination YT

    BrotherImagination YT

    个月 前

    "This beacon flex was brought to you by Barge Co" "I decided to make by beacon out of diamond blocks because whY NOT!"

  46. Lane Robertson

    Lane Robertson

    个月 前

    Has Grian sold nautilus shells on the seashore?

  47. Switchblade1013


    个月 前

    angry birds

  48. Isabel Amurao

    Isabel Amurao

    个月 前

    The assistant to the barge co. should have been impulse, since grian started selling impulse buys at the barge

  49. Anbo Feng

    Anbo Feng

    个月 前


  50. I'm Human!

    I'm Human!

    个月 前

    u need a llama or smth segment DUH

  51. Rustage X

    Rustage X

    个月 前

    that diamond beacon explains just how rich grian really is 8)

  52. Naruken


    个月 前

    Only legends know who bbs really is

  53. Clime Scoot

    Clime Scoot

    个月 前

    Science lab would be so cool

  54. Mirdered


    个月 前

    it seems like you are always digging pits

  55. Daniel Wolz

    Daniel Wolz

    个月 前

    He sells tnt

  56. Syberyah


    个月 前

    Grian: Makes a new map every 20-30 episodes Grian: Makes a new map this episode Grian: "And I'll make another map at the end of the season" DOES THAT MEAN SEASON SEVEN IS ENDING IN THE FORESEEABLE FUTURE WHAT

  57. Woofles Vlogs

    Woofles Vlogs

    个月 前

    *Bdubs gets stolen* Grian: We ArE GoInG To Do SoMeThInG AbOuT ThIs RiGhT NoW!!!!! Me:WHOO DARREE STTEALL BDDUBBBSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  58. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

    个月 前

    6:01 Me,at 1 am, watching grian: ☺️😀 *Scar blows up* *KHHHHHHHPFFFTT- TOTALLY NOT DREAM TEA KETTLE NOISES* Op- my dad is awake- .... *PFFFTTTT* 🤣🤢🤣🤢 Pvvvvvv-

  59. Huanchanic


    个月 前

    4:58 Me when I’m too lazy to find somthing

  60. Fierce Fire

    Fierce Fire

    个月 前

    13:23 so satisfying

  61. Johannxx Tecson

    Johannxx Tecson

    个月 前

    Grian is so kind when wat he did with the kid :)

  62. M I L K

    M I L K

    个月 前

    I have an idea for the barge CEO building, when you get to the top after the launcher you should have a pressure plate you can step on when you get onto the top floor with a dispenser under it which blasts a potion of healing onto you to heal you. Who else thinks this idea can work?

  63. TOXIC Starbot

    TOXIC Starbot

    个月 前

    Buy more shops, and take some of the profit, but make sure that they'll make more profit than they did in the beginning

  64. Josh Grace

    Josh Grace

    个月 前

    R.I.P. impulse buys



    个月 前

    rustic theme

  66. Pyromaniac


    个月 前

    Who defaced the bdubs sign

  67. Xardan Gaming

    Xardan Gaming

    个月 前

    Idea for the big barge sweep: history of the barge (so go through all its upgrades throughout its existence)

  68. Pushkar Raj

    Pushkar Raj

    个月 前

    Is dream watches Grian ,12:46 and Dreams Crafting Table Kinda similar

    • EucalyptusFox


      25 天 前

      I don’t know about Dream specifically, but I do know that several DreamSMP members watch Hermitcraft, so it wouldn’t surprise me if he did :00

  69. Zander Peterson

    Zander Peterson

    个月 前

    It's so nice that you accept make a wish whishes

  70. Tessa Kooijmans

    Tessa Kooijmans

    个月 前

    Grian: its perfect! * ignores scar dying one second before* 🤣

    • EucalyptusFox


      25 天 前

      Perhaps Scar getting blown to bits added to the perfection 😌😌✨

  71. Ryan Ward

    Ryan Ward

    个月 前

    He hasn't been to the upside-down in soooooo long

  72. 404errorX AJ

    404errorX AJ

    个月 前

    That is so sweet of you to make a house for them it made my day ngl.

  73. EatsFruit4Breakfast


    个月 前

    Even barryboss had a bdubs head

  74. MrAsmaren Official

    MrAsmaren Official

    个月 前


  75. RazoplayzTests


    个月 前

    At least they don’t do wars

  76. ACRONIX5914


    个月 前

    also you should move the looking up grian to the second chair to be like an assistant

  77. ACRONIX5914


    个月 前

    I know im too late, but a lapis or redstone chandelier would fit better than the diamond cuz its too similar

  78. whalesinspace :p

    whalesinspace :p

    个月 前

    HmM wHaT iS tHaT mYsTeRiOuS TiCkInG nOiSe? Edit: all that wealth and flexes reminds me of Aperture Science from Portal 2, and you are Cave Johnson. When you get the chance to flex, seize the opportunity and stay in it, right?

  79. Lucifer Rivera

    Lucifer Rivera

    个月 前

    The little house on the mansion is amazing, really sweet of you to do Mr. Grian! :D

  80. Riley GShep

    Riley GShep

    个月 前

    Time to flex harder when you get a netherite beacon

  81. hoaiviet le

    hoaiviet le

    个月 前

    Barry is my nick name

  82. TheGameMatt


    个月 前

    Just came back to rewatch and he heavily implied that the season will be over in six months or so as the next map will be at the end of the season ( 21:40 )

  83. jilin74


    个月 前

    The grin towers! Combine grian and twin towers and because grian and bdubs are both grinning!

  84. Sokka Boomerang

    Sokka Boomerang

    个月 前

    Do a lot of good, funny moments in season 7 for roller coaster

  85. Max Drift

    Max Drift

    个月 前

    Is anyone else thinking of Sahara

  86. werr3222werrr


    个月 前

    If you lose your stuff on single player, suffer Imagine not having 30 sets of spare gear

  87. SphinxYT24


    个月 前

    i wonder if barry boss watched this

  88. deadman omega gaming

    deadman omega gaming

    个月 前

    everyone like this comment if you think scar took the bdubs face lol

  89. Mental home

    Mental home

    个月 前

    Who else forgot that he’s married because my mind is like “oh he’s married congrats”. *two weeks later* “uhhh why he ain’t uploading videos?* Remembers* oh right honey moon” *a lot of months later* “ uhh is he signal or dating-*remembers the third fing time*right married.. he doesn’t talk abt it much”

  90. Alyssa Roudebush

    Alyssa Roudebush

    个月 前

    What's that mysterious ticking noise *snape, snape, Severus, snape*

  91. Nobody Mysterious

    Nobody Mysterious

    个月 前

    Its cool how you make the tutorial disk sounds as if you're a gameshow presenter from the 1920-30's

  92. Beatriz Bettler

    Beatriz Bettler

    个月 前

    How Scar just shot up with is face like uh oh

  93. Banana Plunderer

    Banana Plunderer

    个月 前

    Mistah money bags

  94. Ghosted20


    个月 前

    Grian, the hole that you go flying up into your office... Just put some scaffolding at the top so when you fly up then there's no way to fall back down unless you sneak

  95. Z pixelbit mc

    Z pixelbit mc

    个月 前

    Grain u should make the h.c.b.b.s themed like a mini shopping district and every shulker should be shop based

  96. benbuzz790


    个月 前

    You could save yourself a few hours next season by making copies of the first map and locking them as you go, instead of making a new map each time. (Right?)

  97. jeff the evil potato

    jeff the evil potato

    个月 前

    in the make a wish kid part all I could think of was "this... does put a smile on my face."



    个月 前

    Lol assistant to the C.E.O

  99. emmanuel oliver kuan

    emmanuel oliver kuan

    个月 前


  100. EPZ4043


    个月 前

    Instead of junk maybe you have to grab some things that could have more value than others so you could cash in the more valuable things and so maybe you want to think about what you want to grab