Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 70 - SWAPPING BACK grian is back at his mansion after a weird way of getting zedaph to swap...


  1. mr.beefyboidoody


    23 小时 前

    3:52 wuuuuuuu

  2. John Smith

    John Smith

    5 天 前

    Grian and Zedaph: complaining about Grian's chest monster. Me: YoU hAve an *IteM sorTeR,* fOr thE LovE oF gOd!

  3. Jessica Morris

    Jessica Morris

    6 天 前

    Y is no one talking about the schools abcs "abc, kfc, hji"

  4. Kyle Secord

    Kyle Secord

    9 天 前

    4:52 BRING BACK G-MAN!!!!

  5. Parker Essential

    Parker Essential

    11 天 前

    The dashing lake critically tick because mother-in-law differently blind pro a typical soprano. willing, stereotyped nurse

  6. Victoria Clarke

    Victoria Clarke

    12 天 前

    the bed catapault is perfect prank for bdubs to kill him.

  7. Jared V Mangaban

    Jared V Mangaban

    13 天 前

    honey is a food source it gives 6 food bars or 7

  8. Jaimie Barber

    Jaimie Barber

    13 天 前

    In the chicken life machine thing when there in school on the sign it says kfc lol

  9. Moontree  channel

    Moontree channel

    13 天 前

    Grains the type of person that if he ever needed to roast someone he would apologize after 😂

  10. Robert Horne

    Robert Horne

    13 天 前

    Ha KFC

  11. Salty Applez

    Salty Applez

    13 天 前

    I love the chicken school ABC KFC HIJ

  12. Nat0ri0us


    14 天 前

    I named Grian's contraption. From ABCs to KFCs

  13. Golden _Blazemen

    Golden _Blazemen

    15 天 前

    4:45 wtf!!! xDDDDD

  14. Elmer Bungay

    Elmer Bungay

    15 天 前

    I feel like this is one of the most wholesome things to come out of Hermitcraft

  15. SirPuffyPlays


    15 天 前

    Did anyone else see the "KFC" on the chalkboard-? 👀

  16. Jan Smith

    Jan Smith

    15 天 前

    Scar in hermitcraft: *helping everyone* Scar in 3rd life: "DIE"!!!!

  17. MasterMind6310


    15 天 前

    Me: *sees that a grave has poultry man on it* Also me: POULTRY MAN DIED

  18. ALT_Ticks


    15 天 前

    It said kfc on the abc thing for school

  19. 21_ProGamer _21

    21_ProGamer _21

    20 天 前

    Is no one going to mention ABC 🅚🅕🅒 HIJ

  20. Félix Roussin

    Félix Roussin

    22 天 前

    9:26 The return of Poultry Man

  21. I like potatoes .-.

    I like potatoes .-.

    22 天 前


  22. GodlyOne


    22 天 前


  23. Astrum Deorum

    Astrum Deorum

    24 天 前

    Cleo made Batman Armor Stand Perfection



    26 天 前

    homless zedahf 15:27 - 16:55

  25. Chase Dieckmann

    Chase Dieckmann

    27 天 前

    Zed: “oh so we’ve had 56 chickens grow up and die here!” Grian: “Well yes, but actually no”

  26. The Emerald Weirdo

    The Emerald Weirdo

    27 天 前

    Why are you confused by the chickens not getting cooked? Did *you* catch fire when you landed on the campfire? No? Well, then, why would the chickens?

    • Killian O'Brien

      Killian O'Brien

      19 天 前

      But you can put chicken meat on a fire

  27. Kanishk Mittal

    Kanishk Mittal

    29 天 前

    Gallie!!!!!! 😞😞😞😫😫😫😫😖😖😖😖🥺🥺🥺😩😩😩😱😱😰😰😰😨😨😨😭😭😭

  28. Blane KaBOOM

    Blane KaBOOM

    29 天 前

    Honey is a great food source!

  29. Tahseen bano

    Tahseen bano

    个月 前

    I Like How The Chickens Go To School And See KFC Written On The Board XD 23:31

  30. SkyKibo


    个月 前

    Doofinshmirtz evil incorporated~

  31. MidnightOmega


    个月 前


    • Killian O'Brien

      Killian O'Brien

      19 天 前

      But Grian revealed himself as poultry man in the season 6 finale, so..... GRIAN IS DEAD AND THIS GRIAN IS FAKE!!!!!

  32. TomboyfrmSaturn2986


    个月 前

    00:48 YOINK!!!

  33. bjurn jey

    bjurn jey

    个月 前

    The chicken alfabet ab KFC de

  34. 아스키


    个月 前

    I always watch until the end..

  35. Stephen Choi

    Stephen Choi

    个月 前

    *Just realize POULTRY MAN IS DEAD*

  36. Fives CT-27-5555

    Fives CT-27-5555

    个月 前

    Poultry Mans dead????????

  37. Lane Robertson

    Lane Robertson

    个月 前

    I thought Poultry Man was just retired! Then I saw the farm...

  38. The jewel Fox !

    The jewel Fox !

    个月 前


  39. MAX DING


    个月 前

    Pesky bird was first named P.B which stood for Professor Bird but someone misunderstood right...?

  40. keddagreat :D

    keddagreat :D

    个月 前

    Wholesome : D

  41. Laima Wolf

    Laima Wolf

    个月 前

    8:26 Grain:just saying mushroom. Me: MUSHROOM DANCE,MUSHROOM DANCE,WHATEVER COULD IT MEAN!? The random ant under my table: IT means you've lived a life of SIN- Me: YEAH- wait you can talk? Ant: you never asked.

  42. lustremyg


    个月 前

    he forgot to make a grand entrance at zed's base:(

  43. Joris Goudsblom

    Joris Goudsblom

    个月 前

    This was wholesome

  44. Naomie Gauthier

    Naomie Gauthier

    个月 前

    Zedaph: Oh so we've had 56 chicken live full lives! Grian: *stares at the camera like in The Office*

    • Lane Robertson

      Lane Robertson

      个月 前

      I can hear the theme song now.

  45. Xardan Gaming

    Xardan Gaming

    个月 前

    You know how techno blade says "techno blade never dies"? Well grian should say "the chest monster never dies! "

  46. Tom Warrilow

    Tom Warrilow

    个月 前

    I just realised that Grian missed episode 25

  47. Luke Storm

    Luke Storm

    个月 前

    I have. Feeling poultry man comes back

  48. Heironymus tan

    Heironymus tan

    个月 前


  49. Rustage X

    Rustage X

    个月 前

    when grian made zedaph homeless i almost had a heart attack XD

  50. Rustage X

    Rustage X

    个月 前

    imagine the BHHS (big hermit house swap) happened irl

  51. Thomas Allan

    Thomas Allan

    个月 前

    Grian gives an IOU to the person who just gave him the ability to live in someone's house for free through the power of an IOU, that won't bite him in the tail.

  52. AlphaRat


    个月 前

    aahhhh Im like screaming just put the mama chicks at the end of it or near that can’t be under i think tho not sure but then they’ll just walk all the way to the campfires!!! And ofc smokers unde the hopers

  53. Trevevern


    个月 前

    Question: where is Poulty Man? Edit: he was in the chicken farm's graveyard. Oh god, that's dark.

  54. Flying Pika

    Flying Pika

    个月 前

    pause at 3:54 for "jelie's head" :0

  55. Elliot Savenko Graebner

    Elliot Savenko Graebner

    个月 前

    a better name is the CATTLE-pult

  56. Finr


    个月 前


  57. Alex F

    Alex F

    个月 前

    I just realized that on the sign that contains the "alphabet", the middle row spells out "KFC" which I think is absolutely hilarious

  58. K3lp


    个月 前

    Zedaph spent 3 or more episodes just sorting grian's stuff only to see 10 shulker boxes placed full of random stuff agian

  59. K3lp


    个月 前

    The chickens are like us when we "wanted" to be an adult

  60. Tinoy Nisnisan

    Tinoy Nisnisan

    个月 前

    Make it boats not cow i think

  61. Fatty Dim

    Fatty Dim

    个月 前

    11:30 it's funny how it says "KFC" and KFC sells chicken...

  62. Jacksino Brownie

    Jacksino Brownie

    个月 前

    He ate a golden carrot when he was missing half a hunger bar, I've never been so triggered

    • Lane Robertson

      Lane Robertson

      个月 前

      What's wrong with it?

  63. Dragon_ Microbe

    Dragon_ Microbe

    个月 前

    Poultrey Man strikes again!!! 🐓🐓🐓🐓

  64. Austeyen


    个月 前


  65. mai mei

    mai mei

    个月 前

    9:20 while rewatching grians video the part where he said chicken the outside just started clucking but then I remembered I'm eating chicken (like rn) for breakfast. So chicken ception...?

  66. Ricky Robles

    Ricky Robles

    个月 前

    Uhh I think Grian killed Jellie....

  67. rezwannur siddique

    rezwannur siddique

    个月 前


  68. Insert name here XDDD

    Insert name here XDDD

    个月 前

    "ABC KFC" Very nice

  69. Lizz Van Hodson

    Lizz Van Hodson

    个月 前

    I got to the end and don't worry fam, I am subscribed!

  70. Grant Parker

    Grant Parker

    个月 前

    11:29 kfc 😂

  71. Chopa


    个月 前

    "abc KFC hij" wow... Yup, it say that in chicken school...

  72. SpherePlaysG#898


    个月 前

    Now we know what happened to the man in the chicken costume

  73. Lauren H Jenquin

    Lauren H Jenquin

    个月 前

    I love all your Videos & love watching them all to the end. & I did SUBSCRIBE.

  74. Lauren H Jenquin

    Lauren H Jenquin

    个月 前

    LOL I like the Chicken world you made. just have to put the water thing getting them there over farther in. & have some bid mommas over there in a cage so the baby's go to them. Grain I like what you did to Zedaph's Cave. & Glad he likes what you did to it. I love your new bed at your Manchin to. LOL It was really funny to see both of you trying to bet it to work. LOL Hope he can got it to work for you. LOL LOL

  75. Julian De sutter

    Julian De sutter

    个月 前

    t'es dans de l'acide fais gaffe bro

  76. Brent Gee

    Brent Gee

    个月 前

    That bed is for Bdubs... It's good death box.

  77. Liam Owen

    Liam Owen

    个月 前

    I laughed so hard over the alphabet, simply because... well... kfc...

  78. Lucy Brown

    Lucy Brown

    个月 前

    I made it to the end

  79. Swiss Cheesus

    Swiss Cheesus

    个月 前

    In the grave yard area of the chicken farm it says rip poultry man

  80. zRoviiz


    个月 前

    Brooo griannn u didnt make a proper door for zedaph

  81. Awes me

    Awes me

    个月 前


  82. Swift


    个月 前

    Zeds cow slinging machine is actually a bdubs execution machine



    个月 前

    When he zoomed in when zed said “56 chickens went through a full life!”

  84. Alan Sanchez Negron

    Alan Sanchez Negron

    个月 前

    You should make your own superhero

  85. the hidden beast

    the hidden beast

    个月 前

    it says KFC on the sign'

  86. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta

    个月 前

    11:30 that's so cruel when it's chickens *but funny*

  87. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta

    个月 前

    3:53 I hear the f word Anybody else?

  88. ajbat626


    个月 前

    Everyone Gangsta till Grian confirms Poultry Man’s death.

  89. EmbraerForLife


    个月 前

    11:30 "KFC" very nice grian

  90. Kai


    个月 前

    Bat boy

  91. Vydex


    个月 前

    ok now zed is one of my new fav hermit members omg 😂😂

  92. Leo Buckley

    Leo Buckley

    2 个月 前


  93. TaterKing423


    2 个月 前

    1:50 Jelly’s cat head? ...

    • TaterKing423


      2 个月 前

      Wait I just watched the next three seconds nvrmind

  94. Clark Christian Caimoy

    Clark Christian Caimoy

    2 个月 前

    hahaha kfc is chicken

  95. Big bro Jake

    Big bro Jake

    2 个月 前

    Poultry man is back

  96. Axy76


    2 个月 前

    The cow thing should actually be used as a trap.

  97. [Insert name here]

    [Insert name here]

    2 个月 前

    ABC KFC HIJ ... even the teachers are here to move them into the furnace

  98. Carys Adams

    Carys Adams

    2 个月 前

    Zedaph: "It seems when you turn up, all the contraptions I build break!" Mumbo: First time?!

  99. Elina Bailly

    Elina Bailly

    2 个月 前

    It makes me so sad when there's no goodbyyyeee :'(

  100. Hannah Meyer-Scott

    Hannah Meyer-Scott

    2 个月 前

    i think i now understand where the KFC chicken comes from......