Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - THE HERMITCRAFT SEWER

Hermitcraft 7: Episode 67 - THE HERMITCRAFT SEWERS Grian in todays hermitcraft episode begins a new game in the sewers, but also a big event just happened..


  1. Rylee Hutchison

    Rylee Hutchison

    3 天 前

    You should have been dogs

  2. Bull boy 227 Jetfighter274

    Bull boy 227 Jetfighter274

    5 天 前

    Scar the sewer cat is just perfection

  3. Steve Timmis

    Steve Timmis

    5 天 前

    Only 10 more HermitCraft Season Seven episodes left!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Clara Partington

    Clara Partington

    9 天 前

    HC: giant bees! Me: well, we’ve had worse

  5. Urmi Barua

    Urmi Barua

    10 天 前

    The new Tommyinnit

  6. Mister Quinster

    Mister Quinster

    10 天 前

    5:32 that unintended synchronized head movement is awesome

  7. Shaan Dangi

    Shaan Dangi

    13 天 前

    He lives

  8. Brendon’s Life!

    Brendon’s Life!

    13 天 前

    He is VERY close to 7M

  9. Lucas Edmondson

    Lucas Edmondson

    20 天 前


  10. Calming Effect

    Calming Effect

    22 天 前

    you totally missed out on teenage mutant turtles over cats... cmon, there's 4 of you!

  11. Dimond Dragons Games

    Dimond Dragons Games

    22 天 前

    Imulse: cat Bdub: cat Scar: cat Grian: bird Nobody: Grian: please don't eat me

  12. Sarp Sevinçli

    Sarp Sevinçli

    23 天 前

    Xiusma's PC when they broke the chorus fruits: *ADIOS*

  13. Helen Mcdonald

    Helen Mcdonald

    28 天 前

    I been watching hermitcraft for two weeks and allready here

  14. ItzSunflowerLuna


    28 天 前

    Grian: Oh my god, there’s a lot of bees. Tubbo: OH, I LIKE BEES

  15. Ruckus


    29 天 前

    Mumbo needs some redstone

  16. a Person

    a Person

    29 天 前


  17. winksじゃム


    个月 前


  18. Jop


    个月 前

    Did anyone else think there was a laughing baby at 6:19?

  19. Aaisha Ismail

    Aaisha Ismail

    个月 前

    I just got so happy seeing em all there, especially scar being on their side for once

  20. The grumpy Goose

    The grumpy Goose

    个月 前

    The sewer cats are led by a bird that thinks it’s a cat

  21. AndrewHD


    个月 前

    First the dragon bros from season 6 Now the sewer cats in season 7

  22. TimberJackEB


    个月 前

    I wonder how many times Grian died because he wasn't looking where he was flying at this point.

  23. WahWahWebbo


    个月 前

    6:24 it’s purr-fect

  24. Mirdered


    个月 前

    Forgot about Batman. That scared me lol!

  25. SavageChansin 13

    SavageChansin 13

    个月 前

    Grian: *points above referencing that they’re below ground* Me: Do you have the slightest idea how little that narrows it down?

  26. meowmrre


    个月 前

    grain almost said bbc at the beginning lmao

  27. Hudson Rench

    Hudson Rench

    个月 前

    I like your videos

  28. Pacomatic


    个月 前

    1:42 Grian, the ultimate flexer.

  29. Super Sonic

    Super Sonic

    个月 前

    14:45 Scar's old way of getting free stuff XD

  30. Mango Man

    Mango Man

    个月 前


  31. slothking807


    个月 前

    grian: "i think scars cat wins i mean its so perfect with the suit" me: "hehe purr fect"

  32. Tia Cross

    Tia Cross

    个月 前

    You it’s fine me 😢

  33. Tia Cross

    Tia Cross

    个月 前

    You itk

  34. bones


    个月 前

    kind of wish there was water where you could add effects from poison into it. you could make the fountain of youth be a healing potion, and the bog of eternal stench beee.....weakness?

  35. Ethan Olson

    Ethan Olson

    个月 前

    I wish I had enough dedicated friends to play on a big world, full of different creations like you guys get to do

  36. Jayasree


    个月 前

    Somewhere here I was thinking "it would be cool of grian weared the pesky bird head" and he actually did?????

    • Jayasree


      个月 前

      I feel I read minds lol

  37. M. Douglas

    M. Douglas

    个月 前

    6:22 my skin is actuly a cat in a suit. well used to be. I acadentaly deleted it

  38. Jerrycans


    个月 前

    I used that slime effect in my world for a facility. Man is it helpful!

  39. Preston Gray

    Preston Gray

    个月 前

    🐐🐫🐪🐫🐪🐫🐁🐪🐁🐪🐪🐫🐪🦙🐪🐫🐐🐫🐐🐫🐐🐁🐐🐫🐐🐁🐐 mooooo

  40. Catandogclone 13

    Catandogclone 13

    个月 前

    3 sewer cats, Teenage Sewer Ninja Cats! Or if you’re British or European, Teenage Sewer Hero Cats! Pesky Bird taught them to be a hero team. When the Poultry Man attacks, these Sewer Cats don’t show him no slack.

  41. Nathan Higg

    Nathan Higg

    个月 前

    "This is now officially, someone else's problem." I wish I could do that.

  42. Nathan Higg

    Nathan Higg

    个月 前


  43. Emma Spielman

    Emma Spielman

    个月 前

    It’s raining chorus From outta the sky Chorus No one needs to no why!

  44. sharina graham

    sharina graham

    个月 前


  45. Damian1png


    个月 前

    3:00 there's two faces in middle of the wall 😭😭😭

  46. A - Tron

    A - Tron

    个月 前

    america 100000000000 points

  47. D4 F1SHEH

    D4 F1SHEH

    个月 前


  48. Ironman337


    个月 前

    I was thinking, how about you make floors and stairs in your mansion and save the stuff on your glider

  49. Sepia Smith

    Sepia Smith

    个月 前

    Bdubs' enthusiasm is so infectious and wonderful also BDUBS, SCAR AND GRIAN COLLABORATING ON A BUILD AGAIN??? WE'VE BEEN BLESSED

  50. Tuba Benderlioğlu

    Tuba Benderlioğlu

    个月 前

    19:56 What is 4th trade?

  51. Rayala Keertan

    Rayala Keertan

    个月 前

    In my language sewer means pig



      个月 前

      In India suar not sewer for pig

  52. Assassin97nko


    个月 前

    all i can think about is the "We're the Rats" song

  53. CraftysPlace


    个月 前

    did anyone else catch how he almost said hcbbc XD

  54. FoxyPlayz


    个月 前


  55. Tomato Salad

    Tomato Salad

    个月 前

    Is Mumbo's base only worth three diamonds to you, Grian? 🤣

  56. Max Clarke

    Max Clarke

    个月 前

    you should have made it like the sewer city from futurama

  57. Gacha Anna OwO

    Gacha Anna OwO

    个月 前

    someone will probably be like: whos ggreggian

  58. Pheobe Bland

    Pheobe Bland

    个月 前

    Iron Gollum WHAT

  59. Agent Pasta

    Agent Pasta

    2 个月 前

    Maybe you shouldn't have a bird in there Maybe it's gonna be the found and then all the bases ruined

  60. Nathaniel Teoh

    Nathaniel Teoh

    2 个月 前

    how to build the reflection in the sewer

  61. Eli Schuldiner

    Eli Schuldiner

    2 个月 前

    Grian: all my valuables are in my enderchest. Me: You have A DIAMOND CHANDELIER AND A NETHERITE BLOCK IN YOUR FIREPLACE.

  62. Cheese graters

    Cheese graters

    2 个月 前

    How’d they get the cat heads



      个月 前

      Killing cats

  63. Malakai Pizarro

    Malakai Pizarro

    2 个月 前

    The flag at 11:07 is backwards :(

  64. Sam Cherry

    Sam Cherry

    2 个月 前

    Watching this series as a backlog and hearing about the base swap, I did not expect it to happen like that

  65. Rubus Calculum

    Rubus Calculum

    2 个月 前

    At 12:43 Mumbo Jumbo is in the count down clock probably flicking the last lever

  66. Matthew Cooke

    Matthew Cooke

    2 个月 前

    American flag, disliked

  67. 11cavalier11


    2 个月 前

    Three master builders working together! Fantastic!

  68. Helle Marie

    Helle Marie

    2 个月 前

    6:19 hahahah the laugh

  69. Matilda L

    Matilda L

    2 个月 前

    I never thought that i would say this but the sewers are really looking good!!

  70. exsect


    2 个月 前

    0:10 my man was bouta say bbc 🥵🥵🥵

  71. FXClix209


    2 个月 前

    Hermitcraftbigbeesociety maybe???

  72. DerpyMandarin


    2 个月 前

    If hcbbs was a dream smp event george would be sleeping

  73. Kristi Wilbanks

    Kristi Wilbanks

    2 个月 前

    11:05 uh... I'm American and that's not right. Jk though I know it's a joke I'm not trying to be bitchy. 👍

  74. the Pybro

    the Pybro

    2 个月 前


    • Bluefire1645


      2 个月 前

      No more like Pybro Bird

  75. Justin Yourmom

    Justin Yourmom

    2 个月 前

    13:24 the imposter looking kinda sus

  76. Bilguun Bilguun

    Bilguun Bilguun

    2 个月 前

    Make the suver a maze

  77. Win090949


    2 个月 前

    Grian should make a store at the end of the season to sell everyone’s doors back.

  78. jaden da finger

    jaden da finger

    2 个月 前

    how come you guys dont play that big game with the Ravengers anymore

  79. Amr EL Shaer

    Amr EL Shaer

    2 个月 前

    The thing that made me laugh so much was when they all looked at grian in the same time and he is the only one wearing a bird head and they r all cats. I felt they were going to eat him🤣🤣🤣🤣👌!

  80. Maria Gadayos

    Maria Gadayos

    2 个月 前

    Bdubs; Interior Scar; Texture Grian; Exterior

  81. Maria Gadayos

    Maria Gadayos

    2 个月 前

    if the Sewer Cats are found Groan is probably gonna come up with another plan to start a war or conflict "Friendly Conflict", he is the Hermitcraft version of Tommyinnit from Dream smp

  82. Liu Lucas

    Liu Lucas

    2 个月 前

    Alternate Title: Grian Taking Advantage Of Dyslexic People

  83. Collective_Reasoning


    2 个月 前

    The mayor assassinated two people? Where are we, in the Dream SMP?!

  84. Sarah Alviz

    Sarah Alviz

    2 个月 前

    12:43 you could literally see Mumbo’s name tag in the rocket thing lol 😂

  85. Jacob Onate

    Jacob Onate

    2 个月 前


  86. BBgaming 000

    BBgaming 000

    2 个月 前

    2:07 i heard an among us sound....

  87. Miha Gomiunik

    Miha Gomiunik

    2 个月 前


  88. Miha Gomiunik

    Miha Gomiunik

    2 个月 前

    who lives

  89. LEONÉ


    2 个月 前

    Grian and Smallishbeans use the same timelapse music and it throws me off sometimes lmao

  90. Roan V

    Roan V

    2 个月 前

    mumbojumbo was in the box

  91. Sean Charles Tuazon

    Sean Charles Tuazon

    2 个月 前

    I thought Grian would steal a building

  92. Dio


    2 个月 前

    6:18 Sounds like *Balloon Boy* from FNAF

  93. Joey Jackson

    Joey Jackson

    2 个月 前

    I thought scar had to help with the back of the mansion “ turf wars”

  94. Fr0 gg1e

    Fr0 gg1e

    2 个月 前

    Grian, at some point you said that not everything you do causes war.... the Karalis Games just prove you wrong-

  95. Mira Arana

    Mira Arana

    2 个月 前


  96. Zachary Roof

    Zachary Roof

    2 个月 前

    did anyone else here him almost say bbc and then catch himself? 😏😏

  97. Seb Cookson

    Seb Cookson

    2 个月 前

    i love it how bdubs always holds a bed

  98. Muhammad Usama

    Muhammad Usama

    2 个月 前

    Man, a build by the three greatest Minecraft builders of all time!!

  99. Aidan Li

    Aidan Li

    2 个月 前

    wait so i know you use camera accounts to capture the timelapses right? but how do you get it to slowly pan from side to side

  100. English Tutor 7667

    English Tutor 7667

    2 个月 前

    4:24 skibidi bop mm dada