One trick to change the way you build in Minecraft

One trick to change the way you build in Minecraft Grian in this building tutorial shares a trick that has become easier and easier as more blocks have been added to Minecraft. Try using it on your builds and see how it changes things!


  1. Rafael Lucero

    Rafael Lucero

    9 小时 前

    Gemini Tay already created this kind of gradient wall in her snow castle on their could check that out.... it's much better.... girl's touch might be the key

  2. Grady Thomson

    Grady Thomson

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  3. 🅱️idat Tree

    🅱️idat Tree

    天 前

    build our starter diamonds house

  4. wallisa2011


    2 天 前

    pearlescent moon hermitcraft when? her content is absolutely beautiful

  5. Dart


    2 天 前

    I love that in hermitcraft hes so clumsy but in these videos he basically has no emotion lol

  6. Leo Augustine

    Leo Augustine

    2 天 前

    What about a desert gradient any idea

  7. eggy boy

    eggy boy

    3 天 前

    i really like the gray house

  8. Nadav Dreiangel

    Nadav Dreiangel

    3 天 前

    This video advanced my buildings so much thank you grian

  9. Ivan Mata

    Ivan Mata

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  10. CyVriX


    6 天 前

    Can you make Among Us based builds?

  11. SammyJace Gaming

    SammyJace Gaming

    7 天 前

    Oh and will you make a video so that is so us how to make a float in diamond castle



    7 天 前


  13. Lloyd Ivenn

    Lloyd Ivenn

    7 天 前

    Did you say pink or peach at the end when you were discussing the different types of gradients? Because it sounded like you said pink...

  14. scott thacker

    scott thacker

    11 天 前

    Gradients ??? Or Greydeenns

  15. Jayden DeOliviera

    Jayden DeOliviera

    11 天 前

    do a tutorial how to make yhis

  16. Zoë Cheney

    Zoë Cheney

    13 天 前

    "I wouldn't use wool!" Etho has left the chat

  17. Stephex Fox

    Stephex Fox

    14 天 前

    me 1,2 and 5 my girlfriend 3 and 5

  18. Drqgons


    14 天 前

    I love the white one

  19. minami


    14 天 前

    minecraft skin creator can relate

  20. CJ Stef

    CJ Stef

    15 天 前

    Moss one 👍

  21. Diego Iván

    Diego Iván

    15 天 前

    Your voice has really changed a lot over the years

  22. Zion Thomas

    Zion Thomas

    15 天 前

    How have I not noticed how much of a difference this makes? Thank you so much Grian

  23. Argonaut _V

    Argonaut _V

    16 天 前

    How would you do the interior?

  24. Arati Prabhu

    Arati Prabhu

    16 天 前

    Earlier you said wool was bad for builds but now crap

  25. Bluet.


    17 天 前

    I really like this series "Minecraft Build School". I think you should do more videos of this, specially with the new blocks in 1.17 :)

  26. Jimpix


    17 天 前


  27. Timoversum


    17 天 前

    probably should say that it 1.17 though :o, I was so confused where he got the blocks until 5 minutes in xD

  28. RedYTG


    21 天 前

    Grian: You need to let go of what a block is called or made of. Iskall: DIORITE? I WOULDN'T USE DIORITE

  29. King of all things

    King of all things

    21 天 前


  30. Zoe Trafton

    Zoe Trafton

    21 天 前

    I noticed there wasn't a purple/pink gradient so I have two: -light blue terracotta, shulker box, purpur block, purpur pillar, magenta terracotta & -blue terracotta, purple concrete, purple wool, purple concrete powder, magenta concrete, magenta wool, magenta concrete powder, pink concrete, pink wool, pink glazed terracotta, pink concrete powder

  31. Uncharted potato

    Uncharted potato

    23 天 前

    My first thought graindients

  32. SehrSwift 4Ever

    SehrSwift 4Ever

    23 天 前

    Maths teachers: Ima find you grian.

  33. Danish701


    23 天 前

    When you realise it affects the interior as well: •_•

  34. 1GenXGamer


    24 天 前

    Yeah but why should people randomize? Its like a contractor using different materials to build a wall.. not gonna happen.. failed construction.. why do you stifle creativity by telling people they do it wrong? Any build is RIGHT and ANY STYLE is acceptable.. stop being critical with your vomit display of randomized block patterns. YOU ARE WRONG.

  35. MoreZoeyness


    24 天 前

    Simply amazing tips as always!!! My favorite is also the one with the moss block!

  36. Luna Wolfheart

    Luna Wolfheart

    24 天 前

    I want to use this on an old abandon castle in going to build

  37. Paranormal Stick

    Paranormal Stick

    25 天 前

    kinda jelous of you stone builders cause wood cant be gradient-y due to the wood types

  38. David Harutyunian

    David Harutyunian

    25 天 前

    Thank you for this video!

  39. Abraham Biazen

    Abraham Biazen

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    click bait

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      It aint clickbait

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  40. Pickle Man

    Pickle Man

    26 天 前

    My brain: imagines a castle Me: builds a stone box

  41. Sørensen


    26 天 前

    9:44 this goes for a lot of building, not just gradiants.

  42. An_ Aviator

    An_ Aviator

    28 天 前

    Mumbo: Hold my Redstone.

  43. RyguyTheFri


    28 天 前

    Love this tutorial! I use gradiance on my builds now!

  44. Venatria


    28 天 前

    This game is one massive art and engineering practice. Now if only it also included medicine...

  45. _leafyrin ツ

    _leafyrin ツ

    28 天 前

    This is really off topic but I love Grian’s accent-

  46. A Minty Lumberjack

    A Minty Lumberjack

    28 天 前

    The “White House” one is the best one. I mean it is. I don’t make the rules! :)

  47. Amy Moody

    Amy Moody

    29 天 前

    I just want to thank you so much for making this video! I have been struggling with finding the correct blocks to use for gradients and this was super helpfull! Thank you again, and love your content!

  48. nathan hardy lukman

    nathan hardy lukman

    29 天 前

    I actually Still have trouble making the roof of my house to become that shape Giving tips would be nice, thx :D

  49. TheKechupKreeper


    个月 前

    1.17 blocks

  50. Rabi Mohammed

    Rabi Mohammed

    个月 前

    grian there is a version where there are custom portels in minecraft the version is 20w14infinite

  51. zero 0

    zero 0

    个月 前

    Two pillars....

  52. Jaca Wandersmok

    Jaca Wandersmok

    个月 前

    I love green and black bilding white is also nice

  53. Phoenix Lewis

    Phoenix Lewis

    个月 前

    I like the mossy one

  54. Grey Ozer

    Grey Ozer

    个月 前

    Gradients look so good almost like he Minecraft skins (the small pixel one not the images) but in building form

  55. Demafelix Jaymark

    Demafelix Jaymark

    个月 前

    Grian: you should be able to identify these blocks * Cries in 144p

  56. GreatPeople 357

    GreatPeople 357

    个月 前

    7:15 :)

  57. CT 5555

    CT 5555

    个月 前

    Good thing we have grimstone coming.

  58. Spider Wolf

    Spider Wolf

    个月 前

    I really like both the white and mossy one ;) I think I'm going to try to merge those two together for the lighthouse I just build. Already a month in the making due to circumstances and I only have a silhouette with working redstone :P . Would love to have the buildingskills I see that everyone has, but I'm getting there eventually.

  59. Rotmg Troller Fan

    Rotmg Troller Fan

    个月 前

    why does the red gradient have nylium? doesnt nylium turn into netherrack if you put something on it

  60. James Leder

    James Leder

    个月 前

    God... I've missed so much. why did I stop watching..

  61. Josh Guo

    Josh Guo

    个月 前

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  62. Stephen Fisher

    Stephen Fisher

    个月 前

    Letting go of the block Me Building in the Nether - Say Sike Right Now

  63. Srishti Joshi

    Srishti Joshi

    个月 前

    Thank you so much it helped me a lot thanks! ❤

  64. Carrie Paintz

    Carrie Paintz

    个月 前

    hi can you please make a vid about block palettes as well :) that would be helpful

  65. ZetaRhythm


    个月 前

    >well known builder >has dirt in one of the gradients It only took 10 years but I finally have proof that dirt is a valid building material



    个月 前

    Grian thanks for the idea I can use this house for my liberian village

  67. Jossel colorfullboi by boy ful brylle Brylle

    Jossel colorfullboi by boy ful brylle Brylle

    个月 前

    4:47 the first one looks like when its a horror movie and the thumbnail and the second one is gray to black

  68. Jossel colorfullboi by boy ful brylle Brylle

    Jossel colorfullboi by boy ful brylle Brylle

    个月 前

    4:28 it looks like cake and the second one looks like a mountain

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  69. Jack Webber

    Jack Webber

    个月 前

    Hey Grain can you do a house,roof tutorials for all types of different houses( from your fellow British subscriber ) :)

  70. Mika Job

    Mika Job

    个月 前

    Damn the twin towers

  71. Mika Job

    Mika Job

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    50 shades of grey

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    I quite like the black house

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    The Duck

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    My favorite is the black one

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    Owain Galvin

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    Your a master at building

  76. DaMemeGod tomatoes

    DaMemeGod tomatoes

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    I think he confused corroded copper with prismirine

  77. Sibi Sarvesh Srinivasan Madhavi

    Sibi Sarvesh Srinivasan Madhavi

    个月 前

    Thank you, I tested this personally and it worked absolutely fine :)

  78. Duck McDucky The ducky

    Duck McDucky The ducky

    个月 前

    1.17: I will make you love unpolished diorite no matter what. Us: indeed.

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    Me: **Watches vid** Grian: *"This would help improve your build"* Me: *"I don't even know how to build-"*

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    We can all agree grain deserves way more subs than he already has



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      Grain?excuse me grian is not a bread!who is this grain character??

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    Aaaaw Back to the roots!

  89. ThatBassBeast :

    ThatBassBeast :

    个月 前

    Oh yeah. Griandients

  90. Sund


    个月 前

    If anyone is looking for a way to design large gradients, the method used by xisumavoid in Hermitcraft season VII ep 980 at 3:51 is a great option!

  91. Frog Queen Gaming

    Frog Queen Gaming

    个月 前

    I have to thank you for making this video because it totally helped me with a mega build I'm doing!! Absolutely needed this video!!

  92. Linus LaFond

    Linus LaFond

    个月 前

    The moss one

  93. Heza M

    Heza M

    个月 前

    I've been really struggling with a build, and I think this is really going to help!!! :D

  94. Pan SANS

    Pan SANS

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    I prefer the building to the left 😂

  95. Golden Sampoo

    Golden Sampoo

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    when I see Grians videos that are like this I am like lets go make something.

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    is this the return of Minecraft Build School? ??

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    Cant believe i just learned more stuff than i did on third grade

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  99. Nick has a channel

    Nick has a channel

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    YAY ANother BuildIng VidEooo

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