Mumbo & Grian's Minecraft EARTH Roadtrip - Part 1

Grian and Mumbo take Minecraft Earth on the road to see what it's capable of. This is a two part special, with the second episode appearing on Mumbo's channel in a couple of days.

Huge thank you to Mojang for making this trip possible by covering the costs.

Mumbo's Channel:

Edited \u0026 Directed by: MumboJumbo
Shot by: Josh Holgate joshholgate...
Organised by: Grian

This was shot in early September and all Covid guidance at the time was adhered to. The trip was originally meant to be the whole of the UK, but due to C-19 we had to scale it down massively. Sorry Scotland, Wales \u0026 N Ireland!


  1. Mr Pers0n30

    Mr Pers0n30

    21 小时 前

    people walking by were probably like: "why are two men playing with cardboard and sand while filming this?"

  2. Milkified


    天 前

    The bus looks like what you see hippies ride on in every movie.

  3. LilyJoy _

    LilyJoy _

    天 前

    The shenanigans are afoot!

  4. Rufus Playz

    Rufus Playz

    2 天 前

    seems so cozy

  5. Twitch Clipper

    Twitch Clipper

    2 天 前

    *f a c e r e v e a l i n t e s i f i e s*

  6. DevKryz


    2 天 前

    Mumbo: My Hermitcraft base is better than yours Grian who can't hear: You like my Hermitcraft base? Me: Nailed it Grian

  7. wolffetrooper


    2 天 前

    so uh part 2 maybe please

    • wolffetrooper


      2 天 前

      @Puddles never knew thx

    • Puddles


      2 天 前

      part two is out!

  8. kivi the turtle

    kivi the turtle

    4 天 前

    grian looks a bit like half a sleep chris

  9. Jonathan MKR

    Jonathan MKR

    5 天 前

    It sounds fun

  10. HiPeopleIDKwhatIsGoingOn


    5 天 前

    its a G wagon ( G stands for grian)

  11. Mr Dragleo Gaming

    Mr Dragleo Gaming

    6 天 前

    This shaders are getting out of hand

  12. Coolum06


    6 天 前

    Man should’ve powered the rails for the mine cart would’ve been way quicker

  13. Melody Joy Dy

    Melody Joy Dy

    6 天 前

    huh my dad was born in1973

  14. Jeremiah Shields

    Jeremiah Shields

    6 天 前

    Wow grian im not sure if your a hobbit or if Mumbo is just really tall.

  15. Red Playz

    Red Playz

    6 天 前

    The camera man: Hi im going on a tour of england with mumbo and grian. You probably wont see me but im there....recording....EVERYTHING

  16. Lord Of Anime

    Lord Of Anime

    7 天 前

    Now that interstate is PAVED WITH MEMORIES..............

  17. MrGuinGuin


    7 天 前

    Texture pack?

  18. Pablo joel Aban

    Pablo joel Aban

    7 天 前

    so apparently mumbo is 6'5 to 6'7 so from how their height looks grian is probably about 5'8 to 6 feet tall witch seems about right

  19. Morganvikings


    7 天 前

    Mumbo the muffin man

  20. Fabian Girucki

    Fabian Girucki

    8 天 前

    This texture pack sure dose look real

  21. Amber Rastogi

    Amber Rastogi

    8 天 前

    to you its a flick of a shovel but to the minecraft character its 72 minutes

  22. RNG tomato

    RNG tomato

    8 天 前

    whats that song called LUL its awesome

  23. chad barker Jr

    chad barker Jr

    8 天 前

    I like how there's just people on the beach like are you kidding me

  24. Het Zarrow

    Het Zarrow

    9 天 前

    1.18 caves 😂

  25. Moose Rock

    Moose Rock

    9 天 前

    Grand road trip of England: Three days Grand road trip of USA: Three Months

  26. brazi


    9 天 前

    Grian looks like mumbo's little brother

  27. Saranya Nagarajan

    Saranya Nagarajan

    10 天 前

    Petition for "Roadtrip" song to be played in the next roadtrip.

  28. Yun Wang

    Yun Wang

    10 天 前

    What a road trip Now that interstate has Grian's dead body..

  29. Horizon


    10 天 前

    Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait

  30. Graham Brake

    Graham Brake

    12 天 前

    Lmao grian your voice does not match your face at all

  31. GSG


    13 天 前


  32. weido


    14 天 前

    Imagine being a kid who can say to their friends that mumbo and grian slept on their lawn

  33. just a cup of tea

    just a cup of tea

    14 天 前

    *Jumps of cliff* Woah my elytras not equipped…

  34. Maddyis pog

    Maddyis pog

    15 天 前

    why does grian look like ed sheeran

  35. Gauri Bhaw

    Gauri Bhaw

    15 天 前


  36. Nijara Kalita

    Nijara Kalita

    16 天 前

    mumbo jumbo you are AFK

  37. Avex Minecraft

    Avex Minecraft

    16 天 前

    The one thing i noticed is grian being shorter than mumbo... No offense grian

  38. TechnoClark


    16 天 前

    I can’t get over the fact that Mumbo Is a giant compared to Grian

  39. Angel Lozano

    Angel Lozano

    17 天 前

    Plot Twist: Grian died from the wild berries and modern grian is just and advanced NPC Grian

  40. Random Notes

    Random Notes

    17 天 前


  41. Charlie c

    Charlie c

    17 天 前

    Just too smart guys playing minecraf irl oh and sleeping in peoples lawns

  42. No clue

    No clue

    17 天 前

    grian casually adds: " ThEReS nO sEaTbeLt"

  43. Wolfo Wizard

    Wolfo Wizard

    18 天 前

    hahaha!! this is so weird seeing u guys in real life - didnt realize grian had glasses lolol

  44. Orang_GilaXD 101

    Orang_GilaXD 101

    19 天 前

    irl: they are fighting with flashlights in minecraft: .................. not many blinding things

  45. Snowdrift


    19 天 前

    The high difference.

  46. Thewaterspirit57


    20 天 前

    How did you guys do this while in a pandemic? Wat

  47. ArtoftheR


    20 天 前

    Those graphics are pretty good

  48. dErPy dHaNi

    dErPy dHaNi

    20 天 前

    Dad : Badminton is a classic sport in Malaysia Me who is Malaysian : Grian and Mumbo is better than me :(

  49. Nathan Chuta

    Nathan Chuta

    21 天 前

    Grian isnt as hot as I imagined him

    • Tom the Kitten

      Tom the Kitten

      9 天 前


  50. Shreyan Das

    Shreyan Das

    21 天 前

    Mumbo doesn't have a moustache in rl.

  51. Eazy Gaming

    Eazy Gaming

    21 天 前

    I think it was hard to dig because you don't have a beacon.

  52. •darcy•


    22 天 前

    I just realized that grian's voice is just bbh's but british

    • Abigail Wallis

      Abigail Wallis

      11 天 前

      or bbh is just grain but not British

  53. HFuda


    22 天 前

    This trip on this bus playing this game is probably my dream experience. With awesome you tubers too.

  54. Sky Tube

    Sky Tube

    22 天 前

    The van looks cool 😎 Love it 🥰

  55. screwed


    23 天 前

    I know that's out of topic but I thot that you were like Grian Baggins

  56. Isaac


    23 天 前

    now the interstate is paved with memories of a past life i lived when i was 18

  57. Minecraftlover


    23 天 前

    You should’ve gotten an RV I know this was a long time ago but yeah

  58. cHoclAte CocO

    cHoclAte CocO

    23 天 前

    luv thus

  59. SvensssonBoi


    25 天 前


  60. Lila S.

    Lila S.

    26 天 前

    Wow, mumbo looks sooo different than how i envisioned him ^^"

  61. SirenGaming


    26 天 前

    My stomach hurts from laughing when grian fell

  62. Somethingcool


    26 天 前

    Grian is like the height of Bilbo baggins and mumbo sounds like Bilbo baggins.

  63. Clementine


    28 天 前

    I just watched the video that you guys fist collaborate and now you guys are going trip together? Dude... How far have you guys come? TT ... This friendship is so cute

  64. Ronintoadin


    28 天 前


  65. Shadow The Great

    Shadow The Great

    29 天 前

    It's wired seeing the human version

  66. nicholas runstedler

    nicholas runstedler

    29 天 前

    grian ', mumbo 00 \_/ \ l / \ l/ l l / \

  67. Cyrus's Crazy Corner

    Cyrus's Crazy Corner

    个月 前

    what is minecraft earth??

    • aronth


      29 天 前

      A AR mobile game that ended shortly after this video was posted

  68. Taisha Frey

    Taisha Frey

    个月 前

    one of my fave years

  69. Wbsono Gaming

    Wbsono Gaming

    个月 前

    Someone need to put this on a channel tv

  70. GunterTheGreat


    个月 前

    Grian looks sooooooooooooooooooooo much like half asleep Chris. And they are both English (Is it British sorry I don’t know I feel dumb). That’s cool

  71. Animating 4440

    Animating 4440

    个月 前

    Why is mumbo talking more than grian in the scence it grians channel?????

  72. Freyr


    个月 前

    grian- o Mumbo- o \|/ \|/ /\ | /\ No offense

  73. Saraswati Bandgar

    Saraswati Bandgar

    个月 前

    Spy ninjas forever Spy ninjas forever Spy ninjas forever Spy ninjas forever

  74. Chris Rodier

    Chris Rodier

    个月 前

    You should've enchanted your equipment first.

  75. StrawWarrioR


    个月 前

    Everybody gangsta till, a creeper showed up in that cave.

  76. omericco


    个月 前

    **roadtrip** speedrunner made music becomes louder

  77. TheDocterIsAMagician Bois

    TheDocterIsAMagician Bois

    个月 前

    This tis put a smile me my face

  78. Nihar panigrahi

    Nihar panigrahi

    个月 前

    The video quality is like a movie

  79. Datboi421 *

    Datboi421 *

    个月 前

    Imagine unironically being british

  80. Nina Brunner

    Nina Brunner

    个月 前

    I am surprised to find out that Mumbo has no moustache like what?? my whole sight of the world has changed

  81. GhxSt._.b0o


    个月 前

    The height difference please 😭 ✋

  82. KS Toony

    KS Toony

    个月 前

    Grian after the trip: What is a seatbelt

  83. Silencer


    个月 前

    roadtrip? *now that interstate is paved with memories*

  84. ҉K҉N҉I҉G҉H҉T҉F҉I҉R҉E҉6҉6҉


    个月 前

    cant wait to play minecraft earth with AR glasses. for instance the one form lenovo.

  85. Helen Willis

    Helen Willis

    个月 前

    Ok I fancy mumbo so much

  86. Gravity Productions

    Gravity Productions

    个月 前

    This is the most British video I've seen....

  87. Multishipper Trashh

    Multishipper Trashh

    个月 前

    Ill pay you for that BA van

  88. Yt_ArCtiC_FoX


    个月 前

    Either Mumbo's tall or Grian' small

  89. Josh_Playz


    个月 前

    All of grians friends are british lol

  90. Angelkitticorn


    个月 前

    Them playing Minecraft earth badminton : My classmates playing regular badminton in school with no net or court :

  91. Max Payne

    Max Payne

    个月 前

    Part three?

  92. Liz Meachin

    Liz Meachin

    个月 前

    Relationship goals

  93. Barra Radiansyah

    Barra Radiansyah

    个月 前

    4:58 grian looks like a kid

  94. Barra Radiansyah

    Barra Radiansyah

    个月 前

    3:19 imagine spotting 2 people, one jumping on a sand while the other filming it with an ipad anyone spot the 4 people looking at them?

  95. Claude


    个月 前

    Grian sounds like Daniel Radcliffe

  96. Guy with a gun

    Guy with a gun

    个月 前

    Two separate Minecraft CNblockrs just hanging out

  97. StarboyGamer


    个月 前

    The people watching them do stupid stuff: Are they ok or-

  98. Kathryn A

    Kathryn A

    个月 前

    This is delightful!!!

  99. Wokem


    个月 前

    Dream fans after seeing the title: *yes*

  100. Albertooo_


    个月 前